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We've produced a few tracks released in conjunction with other labels and artists leading up to the launch of our first formal release. Check out Nick Norton's Three Graces at Perigee performed with members of What's Next?. Inspired by the coastal redwoods and the passage of time... this version currently available on Bathysphere Music. Stay tuned for more.

Released in 2019 on Aerocade Music, Isaac Schankler's Mobile I with Sakura Tsai, violin.

[coming soon]
[Mahler, Symphony no. 5, by Ben Phelps]

"For as long as I can remember, I've always wanted to write Mahler's 5th Symphony"
- Ben Phelps

[Small Things album art]

In support of our first release Mahler Symphony no. 5, by Ben Phelps we will be releasing this B-side album of compositions and odds-and-ends performed by the amazing musicians of What's Next?

[We did a Kickstarter!']
[Ben Phelps thinking about Mahler]

Kickstarter funded! Stay tuned for the release of Mahler, Symphony no. 5, by Ben Phelps, the first release on Cereal Music. With The B Band.

[Cereal Music is the record label of composer Ben Phelps]